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Working from Home - Tired of your Dining Chair?

21 Jun 2020

At a rare occasion your work involves signing a few cheques to your divvy up your estate then go ahead and get something stately!

Mascheroni Desk

If however you’ve been caught off guard and using your dining chair while stuck at home through this pandemic working 12 hrs a day & your back feels like its about to give way, this blog is for you.

Musculoskeletal Disorders cost business’s millions of dollars in lost productivity every year, there’s no reason to bring that home with you. There’s a lot of thought put into the choice of an ergonomic chair at work, however the home space is your responsibility. If you don’t have a corporate budget or research to decide on your perfect chair, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s four quick steps to helping yourself:

  1. Let's understand a little about ergonomics and what you need in a chair. Check out The not-so-technical guide to picking an ergonomic chair

  2. Inquire if your chair is available in soft castors or hard castors, based on the floor you have in your room. Soft Castors are made for tiled or parquet floors, so they don’t roll away when you get off them. Hard castors were made for carpeted floors.

  3. Budget Constraints? here’s your chance. Most dealerships have a stock of chairs that haven’t seen the light of day for a number of reasons. Click Here to find your work from home chair at a deal!

  4. If you aren’t restricted by budget here are two chairs that definitely make you feel like a CEO while leading the way in Ergonomics, give these a go.