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Pedestals, your office's BBF ;)

06 Jun 2016

If you haven’t got the first clue about office furniture, you’d be excused for assuming BBF means ‘ Bestest-Best-Friend ‘. And you also most definitely need to read this piece from top to bottom. The rest of you who correctly guessed ‘ Box-Box-File ‘ can move on ( although we recommend you read incase you’ve forgotten some of the basics ).

In furniture, Pedestals are box-like frames containing drawers for storage purposes. They are generally placed below the worktop towards one corner, either freestanding or to provide support to the workstation. It’s that thing you either meticulously fill with stationary and paper-work ,or,you dumb random stuff in only to be never found again.

Let’s have a look at some of the basic specs and options available with pedestals

1 SIZES - Slim & Regular

The size would depend on how you want to configure it, which we’ll look at next. The most common ones which are placed under the worktop to either your left or right are available in either a regular or slim size ( when there’s a space restriction )

Regular - width 420 / 450 mm x height 700 mm x depth 450 / 550 mm

Slim - width 300 mm x height 700 mm x depth 450 / 550 mm

Stretch - width - Between 500 to 700 mm ( Ask Manufacturer) x height 700 mm x depth 450 / 550 mm

2 Configurations

The most common and popular configuration is the simple BBF - Box/Box/File. You need to keep in mind three basic terms : Box, File, Pencil.

There’s also large and small file if needed.

Box refers to a box supply drawer. The File is a deeper box that takes up a larger space and is intended for active file storage. Most manufacturers will now account for both Metric and Imperial sizes, but be sure to double-check with your supplier.
There’s also the option of simply having a two drawer unit instead of three.
There’s also the super thin pencil drawer , purely for allowing to store pencils, pens or other writing material.

Pedestals with larger widths allow for a wider choice of options beyond three drawer units. You can create what manufacturers call Combo Pedestals.

-Remember to include a counter-weight for free-standing pedestals. Counterweights are required for all Pedestals not located directly under a worksurface. If Pedestals are supporting a work surface in a freestanding application, counterweights are required so they don’t tip over when fully loaded.

So when you specify what type of pedestal you require, simply think about how many drawer units you want and then move on to whether you need Box or file types.

3 Castors & Levellers

Depending on whether you need to be able to move , you can add castors to the base of the pedestal, effectively turning them into what we call Mobile Pedestals.
Or you can simply add levelers to the base so they don’t damage the floor when placed stationary.

4 Seating Options

Keeping in line with the collaboration, an interesting new trend is adding seating cushions on top of pedestals. Be sure to ask your dealer for this options. You’ll be shown a low-profile medium density seat cushion. The fabric choice is yours.

5 Finishes

The standard finishes apply - Melamine, Laminate and Metal. There’s veneer also but it’s rare.

As an option to value engineer, you can have the case in metal but the front in laminate. You’ll need help with this spec so ask the technical team to designer to check this one out.

6. Locks and Handles Styles

This is fairly obvious but I’m still; going to mention it anyway. All storage units are available with locks - if you don’t see it then it’s an intentional spec. But you can be sure it’s available.

The other non-obvious but customizable feature are the Handle Styles available with pedestals.

Rectangular Handles
Round handles
Flushed front Handles or Full Pull
Bar Handles

There might be more depending on the manufacturer. Make sure to cross- check if the required handle is available with the desired finish as well.

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