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The Anatomy of an Ideal Workstation

26 Sep 2016

Buying an office workstation can be the same as buying a car...

The bigger it gets, more the configurations. Which means digging deeper into your pockets :)

There are several components that go into a workstation, depending on the number of users it has to accommodate, minimum space and privacy requirements. More often than not, facilities and procurement try and put together a one-size fits all design that’s easy to repeat and easy on the pockets.

But in any organization involves employees of different functions, which mean different requirements. Finance & law require paper-work, sales require simple hot-desking, designers need a lot of space to work with. Without a interior designer on board, how do you make things easier for yourself ?

Let’s take a crack at what to focus on when looking at a one-size fits all workstation

Space Requirements

We’ve covered this before in our previous blog on furniture sizes. At the very least, there are minimum dimensions that should not be compromised. So that users of any type can feel comfortable. Go for a work surface of at least 600 to 800mm in depth, a minimum width of 1400mm. The standard height usually starts from 750mm, but adjusting your chair height is also an option.


The standard go-to product in the industry is the humble pedestal, and in some cases over-head storage. However, there are a few other options like the ones below that work as well

If you can notice from the image above, we’ve got a great couple of options for storage like long returns and desk mounted over-head storage. There’s also the option of placing a cushion over the return for seating.

Privacy & Acoustics

Privacy can be a big deal. While cubicles are slowly becoming a thing of the past, there are those that oppose the open office plan owing to a lack of privacy and noise control.

Ideally, you should be looking at privacy screens placed in front of the user. These can be at a height of 40 to 50 cms from the desk-top, also creating what we call ‘ Eye-Level’ Privacy.


So many options here to get you the most ergonomic setting possible !

Height Adjustable or Sit-Stand Desking is seeing a surge in popularity, with ‘Smoking is the new Sitting’ now trending.

The Quick Stand & Quick Stand Lite from Humanscale are two unique and fantastic options if you’re looking at a retro-fit.


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