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Green Choices

15 Apr 2020

Let’s start by stating a few obvious facts. We spend a lot of time in concrete structures as most offices tend to be housed in one. With the advent of resimercial design, rugs, cafes, nooks, acoustic features, and living walls are all becoming part of a commercial interior designers’ repertoire.

While most of the options above have relatively low maintenance costs, bringing the outdoors in, has traditionally been quite the opposite. Elaborate living walls are created around stairwells, lobby’s, private offices to bring about a sense of wellbeing and why not? Biophilic Design is now applied by most design practices to bring in patterns, shapes, designs and products to incorporate nature within our built spaces.

Greenwalls however don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Sure, you could have the traditional wall that has to be maintained by a team of horticulturists. Note there are two costs here. Day 1 & Day 2 costs. Day 2 is an annual contract that keeps you paying into it. If you’ve got the stomach for it, the options are endless - Here are just some of a few options on what it could look like.

types of living walls

Below are just some of the health benefits from Living Walls

  • Green walls increase the feeling of well-being
  • Living green walls purify the air
  • Vertical gardens reduce ambient noise

Moss Walls

Moss Walls however have been gaining in popularity over the past decade. The most popular of which has been Reindeer Moss, It is also the most commonly sourced and easily maintained. 

Moss is different from living walls as they dont require soil or water to maintain their green. They weigh as low as 1.3Kg  per square foot with a versatility of shape and color that can easily be used across designs.

Moss wall different color

Some of the benefits of using Moss include:

  • Moss retains its air cleaning properties (cleans the air of volatile organic compounds aka VOCs much like a sponge)
  • Moss wall is less than 3 lbs per square foot in comparison to the 10–12 lbs per square foot weight of a living wall.
  • Living wall costs run over a $1,000 monthly basis while Moss walls on the other hand is a one time development and installation with no maintenance costs associated.

The range of moss options, however, is not usually seen in designs due to a lack of awareness. Some of the options of Moss are:

  • Jungle Moss
  • Polar Moss
  • Provence Moss

different moss wall

You’ve seen the options but you still want the real thing? Stylegreen has now perfected preserving plants to give you the look & feel of the real thing without any of the maintenance that goes along with it. 

Jungle Wall

If the above remind you of hacking your way through a forest, you can opt for hybrids of moss and plants to give you a more balanced visual. They are even available in frames, so you can take it or move it should you have a change of heart!

You don’t ever have to worry about having a green thumb to keep your plants healthy; Any of the options above are now available with little or no maintenance with all of the benefits of bringing nature indoors.