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  1. Peeps Sofa
    Peeps Sofa Orangebox Peeps reworks the classic 1970s ...
    Starting From
    AED 8,000.00
  2. Raglan
    Raglan Andreu World Raglan is a modular sofa system ...
    Starting From
    AED 7,900.00
  3.  Couvé
    Couvé Andreu World
    Starting From
    AED 6,500.00
  4. Rap
    Rap Andreu World
    Starting From
    AED 12,500.00
  5. Dual High Back Lounge Chair
    Dual High Back Lounge Chair Studio TK  Dual lounge is a dynamic seati...
    Starting From
    AED 9,400.00
  6. Cesto Bench
    Cesto Bench Studio TK  For the planned or impromptu, ...
    Starting From
    AED 8,500.00
  7. Envita
    Envita Studio TK The Envita™ lounge series is a...
    Starting From
    AED 9,114.00
  8. Infinito Lounge
    Infinito Lounge Studio TK Infinito brings a traditional lo...
    Starting From
    AED 6,367.40
  9. Fractals
    Fractals Studio TK Designed by Jeffrey Bernett and ...
    Starting From
    AED 13,000.00
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