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Mixed Use Chairs

  1. Ascent Series
    Ascent Series Green Furniture Concept The Ascent Series is a modular b...
    Starting From
    AED 9,000.00
  2. Adell
    Adell Arper Design by Lievore + Altherr Dés...
    Starting From
    AED 8,000.00
  3. ESSA by Teknion
    ESSA by Teknion Teknion Designed for Teknion by Pearson ...
    Starting From
    AED 2,800.00
  4. Free-standing Fence
    Free-standing Fence Teknion
    Starting From
    AED 4,500.00
  5. Bloom Lounge Chair
    Bloom Lounge Chair Orangebox Bloom is a new addition to the S...
    Starting From
    AED 2,900.00
    KIIK — OTTOMAN Arper
    Starting From
    AED 9,500.00
  7. Cors
    Cors Orangebox
    Starting From
    AED 1,300.00
  8. Nuez
    Nuez Andreu World The collection consists of armch...
    Starting From
    AED 1,900.00
  9. Ultra
    Ultra MDD by Krystian Kowalski Sophis...
    Starting From
    AED 1,400.00
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