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Missed out on buying Zoom stock? (NASDAQ: ZM)

19 Aug 2020

You would be right to think that way, after all, we’ve spent the better part of 6 months on a video conference tool like Zoom, Meet, or Teams. It’s led the way in communication primarily as a lack of options considering our current environment.  

If you haven’t already positioned your VC backdrop with a bookcase & the right books to fit the meeting type, fear not, you’ve got a choice of backdrops that can place you on an island in the Maldives or in the middle of a lush green park. There are many alternatives to visually looking the part including being dressed from the waist up while you are seated in pajamas, but there is no alternative to a poor experience.

Sound seems to plan an important role in that experience. Today more than ever where Video Conferencing has taken over telephonic meetings. New studies seem to suggest that tone of voice is the most effective way of conveying not only facts and data, but also emotions Poor room acoustics creates noise, lessens speech quality and cannot be remedied by any equipment or digital tools. In addition degraded audio quality from bad acoustics increases fatigue, lessens engagement, and can take a toll on the meeting participants along with several other factors. Worst of all, it negates the very reason for the meeting in the first place by degrading communication quality. The human brain is pretty good at filtering out the noise, but it takes up a significant amount of mental energy. Energy that could be far better spent on ideation, planning, note-taking, etc.

If you are trying to close a big pitch or collaborate on a project with your teammates, it's important to optimize your space & equipment to deliver the message effectively.

5 Quick tips

1. Pick a room that has a lock on the door. We all adore a pet or child walking in front of the screen sometimes, however, it is a distraction and can often throw you off your train of thought.

2. If you are sitting in a glass room or by a stairwell, the reverberation within the same is extremely distracting & sometimes painful to the person on the other side of the call - Move to the bedroom if you have no other choice, it's usually the one place in a home that has the lowest reverb.

3. Get a great headset - If you want to know how distracting sound can be, you only have to hear it once with an oversensitive mic and your meeting can end in a hurry.

4. Get a home office POD, that gives you a little visual privacy, but also helps tremendously with the acoustics of your immediate space.

5. If you are keen on kitting out the entire room, take a look at these wall panels or sound baffles to give you the perfect acoustic comfort.

Reference - Acoustic Bulletin