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Futureproofing workspaces

20 Apr 2021

Every company aims to future proof their business from the economy, talent churn, product differentiation, the list goes on. CRE (Corporate Real Estate) Heads however strive to do the same with their real estate portfolio between the choice of locations, workspace design and other relevant factors. The better the build the longer the duration between re-fits.

Most multinational companies are still predominantly working from home due to global health and safety policies. A recent steelcase report (Click Here) suggests most employees are keen to get back to the workplace, however expect a greater flexibility when it comes to choice of workplace from their organizations.

So what can companies do to future proof their workspace:

1. Conferencing facilities need to shift from the traditional meeting room table and chair to a more comfortable, truly collaborative conferencing experience; that promotes ideation and inclusiveness of the people logging in as much as the people sharing the conferencing space. 

Google's Jamboard will cost $5,000, plus an annual management fee |  TechCrunch

2. Free Addressing was unfortunately more of a buzzword of the last century than a reality. While workstations may not have had name tags at desks, individuals very quickly made it a space of their own. Products that offer the flexibility of power, comfort, mobility, privacy & adaptability are likely to be in demand for the present decade.


3. PODs - Workspaces may evolve, but the need for private conversations are more prevalent than ever before. Meeting rooms are not always available or appropriate for certain functions. The range of sizes, aesthetic and acoustic appeal are numerous. You can rarely go wrong picking one.


4. Digital Freedom - Knowing that work can truly be done anywhere, ensuring your team has appropriate access to all documents required to do their work remotely can ensure that your physical workspace can focus on making team collaboration and social engagements a truly rich experience.


5.Green is here to stay - There’s no hiding it, Mountains, Valleys, Rivers and Forests are all natural elements that we are drawn to. Spaces that capture or mimic that environment will be natural preferences to those that reflect workspaces of yesteryear. 

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The Total Office:  

As a provider of workspace solutions, The Total Office helps elevate the work experience of its customers by addressing collaboration, acoustics, environmental sustainability and well being at the design stage using globally recognized products and tools. This enables its customers to raise their productivity in the workspace laying a foundation for innovation and a sound work culture. The Total Office is Headquartered in Dubai, UAE serving the country and the wider Middle East region. For more information visit:  


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