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5 Questions to ask about your furniture before signing on the dotted line!

17 Feb 2021

1 - Industry term: Lead time

What it actually means - “How long is this going to take me?”

This may seem like a rather simple question, however, you would be surprised how many professionals get it wrong. 

You are interested in the time it takes for the supplier to install the product in your space, so ask them exactly that. If you are keen to break it down further in order to chase them ever so often here’s what you need to ask.

  • Is the product being manufactured locally or internationally?
  • How long does the product take to be manufactured?
  • If the product is international, how long does the product take to get shipped by sea?
  • How long does it take to clear the product from the port and install it?

2 - Industry term: Budget

What it actually means - “How much product can I get for my budget?”

Many people don’t reveal their budget because they feel a supplier may inflate their prices to fill the budget. The opposite is usually true. If you’ve gone to a reputable supplier that works with branded products it's more likely that your budget isn’t big enough.

It’s important to be clear with your budget early on; see what you can get for it, and ask for potential upgrade options on items that matter most to you. 

3 - Industry term: Application

What it actually means - “Are the products used indoor/outdoor/high traffic areas?”

Choice of fabric and materials are paramount when considering products in high traffic zones or outdoor areas. Sunlight and usage can severely impact the product's composition and aesthetic over a period of time from 3 months to a year. Be clear with your supplier about the application of the product and ask about:

  • Lightfastness: how long a fabric takes to lose its color with direct sunlight
  • Martindale Rubs: How many rubs a fabric can take before its starts to show wear & tear
  • Flame Test: Fabric is evaluated for the density of the smoke formed along with the extent of the flame spread
  • Width of the fabric: to understand the pattern layout or repetition based on the size of the product

4 - Industry Term: Warranty

What it actually means - “If something happens can I get this fixed for free?”

With the advent of fast furniture, this has become less of a concern, however, if you are paying top dollar for a quality product, you want to know if you’ve got a manufacturer warranty that is at least 3 years and if the local supplier will pick and return the product back to you after fixing it for free.

5 - Power & Cable Management

What it actually means - “Who sorts out the wires that are hanging from my table?”

You’ve seen a beautiful picture in a catalog and can already picture this in your workspace or home. One thing that you almost never see is this waterfall of wires hanging from a table in a catalog. To make sure your desk looks as good in your space, let your solution provider know all the devices you are looking to use and request a solution on how to go about concealing all the unnecessary wires. 


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