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Fabric an Emotional Response

22 Jan 2020

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”... Easier said than done. It’s a human shortfall, we tend to arrive at conclusions well before we have experienced it - Meeting a new person, buying a piece of furniture, picking an item of clothing from a rack at the store. Aesthetic, intuition and tactility are all strong drivers of emotional responses; Fabric is no different, it accounts for two of the above drivers and hence a key choice in the product it wraps. So, what makes it so fascinating?  

Colors create an entire range of psychological effects from spatial to empathy & is critical when picking furniture. Unfortunately, most retail stores only supply the product in the fabric its currently wrapped in, as a result, your choice is also a quick one.

Contract Furniture is slightly different; while you may need a little more patience as the selection process can be quite extensive, you are able to pick the texture, color tone and pattern that makes your space look perfect!

We’ve all made emotional choices, some more often than not. Contract fabric doesn’t need to be. It’s important to keep a few things in mind while picking up your ideal fabric. Is the fabric being used outdoors or indoors? Is it used in a high traffic area that may include pets or kids? Is it placed by the window with a lot of sunlight? Is the product a wall panel, a chair or a sofa? Let's help you navigate through your questions using the features mentioned at the back of the fabric cards.

  • What is the fabric composition? How much Leather, cotton, wool, polyester or recycled material you really want on your fabric. This can largely depend on the choice of application as well.
  • Why does the width matter? Pattern Repeat is the subtle details that complete a design. Ensure your product or wall covering fits the width of the fabric to avoid additional instructions on how to align the upholstery.
  • Abrasion: what are Martindale Rubs / Wyzenbeek standards?: 100,000 double rubs represent the number of times a person sits and rises from a seat before the fabric starts to show a level of abrasion.
  • Color Fastness: In a sunny region like the Middle East, the sun can wear down a fabric leaving it dull and listless. 4 & above is deemed suitable for commercial use 

Fabric can be a logical decision, but very often is an emotional response. If you do find yourself making an emotional one, do try and keep the above in mind.