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Expanding to Saudi Arabia

10 Mar 2024

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has received much attention across the Middle East in the past few years, especially in the design and construction industry. With the launch of the GIGA projects, comes the demand for all the necessary companies to bring the projects to fruition.

There is a reason to be excited on both fronts as business and tourism opportunities are being created at a rapid pace. The Kingdom has shown a voracious appetite for both talent and organizations that have the capability and capacity to deliver on the vision set about by Sheikh Mohamed bin Salman for the current decade (2020 - 2030) .

This decision has been a considered one as it is our first foray out of the United Arab Emirates. The discussion had spanned two years with the organization finally moving ahead In 2023. While the KSA market presents new opportunities for us, we are very clear the country needs its own “Go to Market” strategy that is both respectful of the incumbent companies and allows us to leverage our USP’s to carve a sustainable niche. Expanding into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presents significant opportunities for us at The Total Office. Here are a couple of key focus points we will be adapting as we grow in the Kingdom;

While local design practices have always existed architects, and contractors from outside the country are addressing most of the newer projects as the demands are equally bold. Tailoring our product offerings along with our presentation and commitment to sustainability and innovation quickly aligns with the country’s vision and helps us contribute to KSA’s future vision.

Looking ahead, we are eager to explore newer opportunities both within the city of Riyadh and afar, while the historic work continues to leverage existing relationships on their projects. This approach ensures our involvement in impactful ventures while contributing to the growth of the community within the region.

The Total Office is excited to be working closely with our customers and industry partners in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering a wide range of corporate furniture to positively shift the work experience to a more collaborative one while providing Acoustic and biophilic solutions to improve wellbeing for each individual within a workspace.

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