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How can the colors you choose affect your working habits?

27 Oct 2023

Have you ever paused to take in the colors around your workspace? There's more to that shade of blue or touch of green than just decor. Leading companies, in their chase of brilliance, have started channeling the power of color psychology in their office designs.

Why? You must be thinking? The right palette doesn't just set a mood, but it paves the way for heightened productivity and can even influence profits.

Many are catching on, and understanding the profound influence colors can have. Big industry players are no longer merely decorating, but they're strategically designing. Because, in today's bustling empire of corporate interior design, an optimized office environment isn't just a nicety but a necessity. It's about culture, performance, and yes, even the balance sheet.

Let’s unpack the science behind colors.

Turns out, those beige, white, and gray tones traditionally favored in office spaces might be doing more harm than good. The study from the University of Texas uncovers a quiet truth: neutral tones may be silent culprits behind feelings of sadness and depression. Particularly for women, who often find themselves more energized by vibrant, lively colors, these subdued hues might be a downer.

And for the men in the office? Shades of orange and purple might not be their best allies, subtly casting a shadow of gloom and depression over their workdays.

However the influence of color extends beyond the mood spectrum. It’s intricately linked with our levels of productivity and creativity as well.

Imagine an office bathed in a lively palette, with colors that don’t just sit quietly, but converse and engage with those in the space. Experts in the field advocate for a vibrant array of colors that act as silent stimulants, igniting creativity and bolstering energy levels.

Explore how the potency of colors can be harnessed.

Believe it or not, colors possess a subtle, powerful magic: they whisper to our emotions, sway our feelings, and in turn, can significantly boost productivity.

Colors like greens and blues, drawn from the serenity of nature, can act as silent catalysts for focus and efficiency. Picture warm, sunny yellows infusing the workspace with optimism, creativity, and boundless energy, or the intensity of bold reds, igniting passion and driving physical activity.

Curious about which colors might be your allies in fostering a productivity-rich environment for your employees and clients?

Let’s go aboard on a color exploration:

Blue: The Calm Maestro

There’s a tranquil strength in blue, isn’t there? It holds the power to calm, offering a peaceful backdrop that aids concentration. It is ideal for those tasks that demand precision and focus. Whether it’s detailed analytics or meticulous design, blue stands by quietly, fostering focus and calmness, subtly elevating productivity levels. In acknowledgment of this understated elegance, our SuperNatural Collection introduces the Biotope textile. Not only a manifestation of tranquility in its hue, this textile is thoughtfully crafted from 100% recycled, biodegradable polyester, making it a silent yet powerful ally not just for your focus, but also for the environment.

White: Use Wisely

While white often feels like a safe, go-to choice, it brings along some unexpected baggage. Ever notice the starkness in a room painted all white? It can unintentionally give off a sterile, clinical vibe, somewhat like a cold and impersonal medical room.

Research indicates that too much white can indeed be counterproductive, creating an atmosphere of isolation and chilliness. Hence, it’s wise to use white sparingly, letting it play a supporting role as an accent rather than allowing it to steal the spotlight in your workspace's color narrative.

Red: A Surge of Energy

Red does more than just catch the eye. It’s like a shot of espresso for your workspace, igniting a vibrant, lively energy. In environments where the pace is quick and physical tasks abound, red acts like a silent motivator, gently quickening heart rates and giving a little extra push toward physical efficiency.

When planning a marketing message, consider red your ally. With its undeniable pull, it acts like a magnet for attention, making 'calls to action' almost impossible to ignore.

Green: A Tranquil Harmony

Green is like the many moods of nature captured in a single hue. While some shades stir emotions, they predominantly bring to mind peaceful meadows and the whispering canopies of deep forests.

Introducing a calming shade of green to your office isn't merely a visual treat. It’s a subtle way to alleviate anxiety. This color lays out an atmosphere steeped in relaxation, extending a welcoming hand to all who enter.

Light, gentle greens are like a visual whisper, saying, "You're in a safe, calm place."

Yellow & Orange: Sparking Creativity and Energy

In search of a creativity boost? Turn to yellow – the color of sunshine, optimism, and joy. With its dance, inspiration, and stimulation of the creative mind, yellow serves as a fantastic choice for spaces dedicated to brainstorming and idea generation.

Then, there's orange – a vibrant symphony of red and yellow. Orange pulses with enthusiasm and endurance, imbuing its surroundings with qualities essential for a high-productivity environment.

To seamlessly incorporate these energy-inducing hues into your space, consider subtle additions that serve both function and aesthetics. One such example is Luum's Everyday Boucle. Rather than just an accessory, this piece is a calculated risk on the loom, producing a symphony of contrasting tones that not only complement the vibrancy of the yellow but actively participate in inspiring and invigorating your space. It’s not merely about adding color; it’s an ode to injecting energy, a commitment to fostering an environment that subtly inspires innovation every moment of every day.

Purple: The Royal Touch

This hue, long associated with royalty, speaks in whispers of confidence and sophistication. Introduce purple to a workplace, and it's not just a visual addition. It actively works to boost cognitive functions and hone sharp thinking. Our Scandinavian-inspired lounge chair Havn in purple is a good place to royally "dock" during the day with a coffee or a book. It's a retreat from the norms of everyday work.

While not a standard choice for office spaces, purple finds its moment in the spotlight, particularly in packaging and branding. It subtly communicates luxury and high value, playing a key role in establishing a corporate culture that echoes with quality and excellence.

Your palette, your canvas.

Glance around. What do your walls say? Are they singing songs of productivity, or are they merely whispering tones of monotony? Do they inspire or fall flat, resembling more of a sterile institution than a vibrant epicenter of creativity and action?

Perhaps it’s time for a reassessment.

Think about crafting a color scheme that not only understands but also harmoniously blends with the unique energy of each department. You might be surprised to find that this shift, while subtle, could not only alter the decor but might gently nudge the mood and productivity in a positive direction.

Because colors, in their silent, invisible way, are partners in crafting a space of efficiency and inspiration.   

Refrence Images : LUUM

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