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Growth of TTO under UAE Leadership

30 Nov 2022

Founded in 1997, The Total Office started out with a core team of just 4 people looking to make a mark in the Design & Construction industry. Fast forward a span of 25 years, we know that none of it would be possible if it weren’t for the vision of UAE’s leadership. 

As the 51st year of commemoration is almost at hand, we wanted to take you all with us on a journey across the years and share in our story, our growth, who we are today and how the opportunities created by the Arab leaders catapulted our success. 

The Total Office progress over the years


Formation of The Total Office with a team of four which was primarily a Teknion Dealership and within the first calendar year we got to work with a marquee client such as Emirates NBD for their headquarters in Dubai. 


The Total Office expanded their portfolio and introduced many Italian manufacturing brands that complimented well with our Teknion products which thus gave us a great boost in terms of competing for projects and tenders. 


The organization went through a technological shift with the launch of our first ‘The Total Office’ website along with building our digital infrastructure to improve communication and efficiency internally, which laid the foundation for us to become a technology centric company. 

2010 - 2011

As a furniture supplier we grew conscious about our environmental footprint and moved towards reducing our impact on the planet. Our initiatives to shift each of our facilities to a more sustainable one came with Abu Dhabi and Dubai achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified and silver respectively. The leading certification in sustainability across the built environment.


In the quest to be more robust, quick and collaborative with our customers we made a paradigm shift towards cloud based technology across our organization which had resulted in more automation and effectiveness through real time collaboration in the way we conduct our business. 


We turned 20 years young as a business in the UAE and created initiatives to scale our offerings and expand our portfolio by offering bespoke furniture solutions across industries like Healthcare, Hospitality & Education. This gave the organization the flexibility to curate solutions designed for our customers.


The Total Office’s brand received a facelift. With its latest website and digital strategy along with its refreshed Dubai Showroom which showcased a focus on executive and collaborative spaces, a shift from the workstation space we were originally associated with.


Building on the foundations that were placed during the pandemic, The Total Office continued to go from strength to strength and these efforts were recognised by the Commercial Interior Design (CID) who awarded us ‘Power 50 Supplier of the Year’. 


We launched our first E-commerce website in 2022 with the sole intention of making our products more accessible to the consumers whilst also tapping into the B2C industry. All these initiatives have led to being recognised for a second consecutive year in the Design & Construction industry by Commercial Interior Design (CID) who awarded us ‘Top 10 Supplier of the Year’. 

2023 - The Year Ahead

With the recent launch of the 2030 vision of the UAE Government, we believe 2023 will be another exciting year for The Total Office looking to grow our digital footprint whilst enabling our customers to achieve their workspace needs both in the digital space as well as the physical one. Additionally our efforts striving towards a sustainable product portfolio will help amplify our message on creating wellness oriented workspaces in the UAE and further afield.

How was it all possible for the UAE?

Understanding that the country cannot solely be dependent on its oil revenue, UAE started the transformation process of becoming a tourist hub and focussed towards Infrastructure, Quality of life, Safety & Security, Ease of Business, Free Zones, Healthcare, Education, Nightlife, Diversity, Equality and the list just goes on. The focus that was put into each of these elements made UAE the go-to destination for Business, Shopping, Conferences & events! 

With visionary leaders across the country, there have always been a plethora of opportunities for everyone as UAE progressed to one of the fastest growing economies in the world while  making it one of the most attractive places in the world to live! 

We at The Total Office would like to take the opportunity to thank the leaders for their vision and leadership today and for many more years to come! 

“We are like those who had climbed a mountain and reached the top. When we looked down we still wanted to go higher to realise our  goals. Despite all the achievements, we still have an ambition for more. That is my way of looking at things.” - H.H Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan

About The Total Office

As a provider of workspace solutions, The Total Office helps its clients with tools for collaboration, acoustics, environmental sustainability and well being, by providing quality products from international brands. The company is headquartered in Dubai, and serves the UAE and the wider Middle East region. All press enquiries can be directed to Furqan Syed at [email protected], +971.4.450.8700. For more information, visit


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