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Bar-stool or Counter-stool?

21 Nov 2023

In the arena of office interior, choosing the right collaborative seating for your office involves understanding the subtle yet significant differences between bar stools and counter stools. It's not just about furniture, but about finding a match that complements your professional needs and enhances your workplace’s visual appeal. This decision is key in creating office environments that are a blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

So, let’s explore how the right choice in stools can create a workspace that inspires productivity and reflects your personal style.

Height: Your first and most critical step

Bar-height stools are characterized by seat heights of around 0.7m to 0.8m. They are tailored to fit under tables that are designed for standing applications 1m to 1.1m high. The design encourages a lively environment, perfect for collaboration or impromptu meetings.

On the other hand, counter stools, such as the elegantly designed Nuez Stool by Andreu World , offer a seat height of 0.6m to 0.7m, ideal for table surfaces around 0.9m - 1m from the floor. Even though these tables are taller than a standard work table (0.7m from the floor), they usually prompt a more active discussion. They blend comfort with practicality, making them a versatile choice for everything from a quick coffee break to invigorating brainstorming sessions with team members. Counter height tables can help provide a change of setting across a workspace landscape however a bar height table can provide a range of work settings from standing to seated discussions.

Before you decide, take a moment to measure from the floor to the underside of the counter. This simple step is key to finding the perfect fit.

With these measurements in hand, you can confidently narrow down your choices, focusing exclusively on bar height or counter height models that will integrate into your workspace.

The Width: More Than Just Numbers

Picture a collaborative workspace or a laid-back office café area. In such spaces, choosing stools with the right width is key to balancing comfort and spatial efficiency. It's important to take note of the width of the stools carefully.

For an ideal mix of personal space and a sense of togetherness, aim for about 0.7m - 0.8m of seating space for each stool. In addition, make sure there's a 0.1m - 0.2m gap between stools to facilitate smooth, effortless movement around the area.

Functionality Meets Aesthetics

It may be tempting to pick the most eye-catching stool but think about this:

Are these stools destined for collaborative areas or for breakout spots designed for casual meetings?

Opt for stools that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Look for materials and designs that offer durability, ease of maintenance and complement your office's aesthetic, such as the practical and chic Pipo Stool by Dam. Also, explore various materials like metal, wood, or leather to discover stools that perfectly harmonize with your workplace's decor.

Exploring the World of Stools

Stools come in all shapes and styles:

Armless Stools: These stools provide easy access and occupy less space compared to their armed counterparts, making them a space-efficient choice.

Backless Stools: Offering a sleek, streamlined appearance, backless stools can be tucked neatly under counters. This feature is particularly useful for smaller areas, as it minimizes visual clutter.

Swivel Stools: With seats that rotate, swivel barstools make sitting down and getting up from counter areas effortless. They are especially suited for dynamic and bustling office settings.

Adjustable Stools: These are the chameleons of the stool world. These stools adjust in height using either a lever-operated mechanism or a swiveling screw mechanism, allowing you to tailor the stool height as needed. Though you may have a liking for one system over the other, make sure that the style you select can accommodate the range of heights needed in your space.

Barstool Materials

Metal Finishes: Iron finishes provide a timeless look, while chrome finishes bring a modern flair.

Wood: Offer a combination of durability and aesthetic appeal.

Leather: Known for their appealing look and ease of maintenance.

Upholstered: They offer an extra touch of style and enhanced comfort.

Wrapping Up

With an understanding of the differences between barstool and counter seating heights, you're now equipped to find the perfect stools for your office. Counter height stools, which have seat heights of 0.6m - 0.7m and are ideal for the usual 0.9m high work tables or countertops. Barstools, measuring 0.7m  - 0.8m in seat height, are tailored for the standard 1m or higher tables or bars. If you have a custom counter provided by the Joiner or Contractor, make sure to reference these heights before making your choice of stool.

If you're unsure about the height, adjustable height stools are a flexible option to consider. But remember: always measure your table or countertop first to make sure you choose the right size.

Choose thoughtfully, and witness how these stools can transform your office into a comfortable and inviting environment for work, collaboration, and relaxation.

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